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Ads.txt Generator
for Publishers

VertaMedia provides tools for publishers to generate an ads.txt
file and become an Authorized Digital Seller for Programmatic Buying Partners.

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What Does ads.txt Generator Do?

ads.txt Generator is a service that collects advertising systems names from publisher’s website(s) in a .txt file in support of the IAB ads.txt Project.

ads.txt generator
This website's goal is to let you:
  • Create an ads.txt that can be crawled by demand partners to help them authorize your as a digital ad seller.
  • Create a Text file to have a plain list of all your demand partners, seat IDs (Seller Network IDs) and type of relationship.
  • This generated file allows any demand partner to crawl your Site and check your Authorized Digital Sellers (resellers).


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Enter your domain name followed by your email.

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Press the 'Generate ads.txt' button and wait until the site is completely crawled.

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You will be redirected to the generated ads.txt page, that will include: domain name of the advertising system; seller account ID; Type of Account/ Relationship; TAGID (Certification Authority ID); .txt file and a link to your file.

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Download your ads.txt file and place it into the domain root folder of your site.

What is ads.txt

Recently announced by the IAB Tech Lab ads.txt initiative is a public record of Authorized Digital Sellers created with the mission to prevent proliferation of counterfeit and unauthorized ad impressions transacted via domain spoofing across the digital advertising market. The public comment period for ads.txt is expected to run through June 19, 2017.

View Final Ads.txt Spec Version 1.0 Here
What is ads.txt?

Why ads.txt

ads.txt for publishers

Ads.txt will become one of the major brand safety tools for declaring who is authorized to sell web inventory, creating greater transparency in the inventory supply chain. After the solution will be adopted by publishers, ad buyers will gain confidence in the authenticity of publisher inventory.

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